So this is 2024. Let’s set some goals.
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New year, same old me. But a new year needs
Speedy Steeds Reflections
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A quick reflection on what happened at the Sri Chinmony
The Annual Goal Post: 2023 Edition
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Hi! Your terrible and delinquent blogger is back for what
The London Winter Run
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A review of the London Winter Run (2019 edition)
2021: The Race Plan
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2021 might not be a great year for running the world, but it might be a great year for racing. Let's dive in, and see the start lines I'm hoping to see this year.
On Goals
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In which an old unfulfilled goal becomes possible again, and your intrepid author considers his options.
Nike Alphafly Next%
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A review of Nike's latest (and greatest?) racing shoe.