The London Marathon 2021
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It's autumn 2021, and we're back to big-time racing after
Shoes: A post-injury review
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After breaking my ankle in January, I've slowly but surely
The London Marathon’s Six Steps
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We are now down to twenty-four days until the London
Review: SOAR Elite Marathon Shorts
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I've had a problem on every marathon I've run: nutrition.
Blogging is hard, sometimes
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When you choose to write a blog about running and
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Life can be pretty terrible, and we can be the victim in a story. But we don't have to be. ... Toppy does some mental spring cleaning and de-funking - let's put this winter behind us.
Review: Garmin Forerunner 935
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Three years with a Forerunner 935: how's it going?
The London Winter Run
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A review of the London Winter Run (2019 edition)
2021: The Race Plan
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2021 might not be a great year for running the world, but it might be a great year for racing. Let's dive in, and see the start lines I'm hoping to see this year.
Brooks Hyperion Elite 2
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Shortly before suffering a broken ankle, Toppy managed to get two runs (26 miles) into the Brooks Hyperion Elite 2. Read on to see if this SuperShoe is for you.