A quick health update
London calling from the other side of surgery.

Ankle surgery happened.

I am told everything went well, with no complications, and so now the healing has begun.

In six weeks, I will hopefully be allowed to begin putting weight back on the foot, and then the rehab will begin.

And at some point after there is no more ice on the ground, I'll be running again.

The spring marathon schedule is shot, naturally; I hope to be running again by the time the Edinburgh Marathon takes place, but there's no way I'll be ready to run a full marathon. This means my one and only goal race of the year the 2021 London Marathon on October 3rd.

My spot in that marathon is provided by the charity Shelter - a wonderful charity that campaigns to end homelessness and bad housing in the UK. The pandemic is making things worse for so many people, and charities like Shelter need our support more than ever.

You can cheer on my recovery and support Shelter by clicking here.

How will I hope to do in the London Marathon? That's still up in the air.

Today, I can say that I'll be happy just to be able to complete it. It would be wonderful if I can put in a proper training block, and manage a Boston Qualifying and/or New York good for age time.

But we will see.

For now ... less running, more blogging?

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