A painful lesson
... in which your author learns a lesson about resting the hard way

A few weeks ago, I was so proud.

Going into the London Marathon, I had completed my first ever injury-free training block. I didn't miss a run in that training block - every long run, every workout, every recovery run, every double. I did them all. I was running 80+ miles a week for a month straight. It was incredible.

I felt great. My times were great. Things were great.

Fast forward twenty days, and things ain't so great. I forgot to listen to my body.

I was totally worn down by that London Marathon. Over three hours, running solo. It was cold and wet, my legs were cramping throughout. I was shaking for 45 minutes afterwards from the effort.

My body needed a break. And I didn't give it one.

The weekend before the lockdown started, I missed my long run day. I wasn't feeling great, and you shouldn't run when sick. The next day (a Monday) was my usual rest day, but I had rested the day before, and I had seen that in other countries, even going for a run had been restricted as part of their lockdown.

So I went for a run. It might be my last one for a long time.

And I kept going for a run, every day. At least a mile.

So when I ran the London Marathon, that was - I believe - my 200th consecutive day of running. I had a streak.

My body needed a break. But I had a streak. And I couldn't break the streak, could I?

Now I know. Yes, I could have. I should have.

On run 219, it hurt. I made it 300m before turning around and limping home. I know - I knew - I needed to take a week or two off after the marathon. But I didn't, because pride. But pride is a bad thing, when you're making training decisions.

Don't be like Toppy. Listen to your body. And run.

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